Revolutionising mattress and bulky waste recycling.

About Textek

Textek Limited is a collaboration between AAT Recycling Ltd. and JPE Holdings Ltd, bringing together more than 30 years experience of recycling technology and knowledge.

Textek are based in Whitchurch Shropshire. We are a Recycling company whose aim is to divert as many mattresses/sofas from landfill as possible. We at Textek are working hard to convince as many companies and councils to recycle their unwanted waste rather than send it to Landfill. We already work with local authorities across the Midlands and many retail outlets to improve the recycling rates of mattresses, sofas and other bulky waste across the U.K .

Textek have invested 18 months into the research and development of the first Bespoke Mattress and Bulky Waste Shredding Line, that will divert a staggering one million mattresses a year from landfill.

Its design enables the successful separation of the flock from the steel, ensuring 100% of mattresses, sofas or other types of bulky waste product can be recycled.


The facility is fully permitted with the Environment Agency and operated to strict, environmental and safety standards.

We have the following accreditations: